The Drunk Files is a SPOOKY Canadian podcast created by three  east coast friends who sit down weekly, drink too much and discuss all things conspiracy, paranormal and true crime

Our episodes are released every Wednesday 

Meet The drunk Girls



Ellen's preferred drink is  a nice glass of red wine, in her opinion, the dryer the better. Although red wine is her favourite, she will gladly guzzle anything that has booze in it. She was born in Saskatchewan but raised in a small town in Nova Scotia, which is where she gets her slight maritime accent. 

She is an architectural technician by day, and a photographer in her spare time. (though it seems she has very little spare time lately).

When she's not editing, drinking, taking pictures or hanging out with cats you can find her outside staring at the night sky looking for UFOs, or freaking herself out by reading about murders.

*Owner of Rudy and Harlem



Jaimee’s a white wine girl but cider, schooner and local craft beers are just as likely to be on the tasting menu. She’s from a simple, small town & comes from parents from even smaller, simpler towns so you can expect some pretty quaint east coast lingo from her.

A sarcastic bartender at an entertaining and lovable local restaurant, she’s also a baker by trade (but only occasionally whips out those skills, mostly for her own pleasure), When she’s not working with all things food and beverage she’s getting overly excited over spreadsheets and making pretty signs.

She spends any spare time she has sweeping up the cat hair of her 4 cats, cuddling, and silently panicking over the deep ocean & space.

*Owner of Max  and Zoey

*Step-owner of Dally and Precious



Maria’s drink of choice is a nice spicy Caesar, with craft beer being a close second. Although growing up in a small town in Newfoundland, she was taught to drink whatever’s in front of her. You’ll notice her Newfie accent after a few drinks, or if you’re from the rock, you’ll probably notice it right away.

During the week, Maria works as an architectural drafter (constantly daydreaming of designing little cabins in the woods.) When she’s not at the office, she’s either home with her cat, or roaming the woods taking photos. Maria loves to paint weird scenes, mainly space-scapes, and skeletons smoking cigarettes.

Maria is a true believer of phenomenon, wanting nothing more than to meet an Alien.

*Owner of Kahlan