EP. 24 - The Fellowship of the Drunk Girls

We’re at it again with the super fun things!

This week we had the Talented, Lovely, Bad-Ass Woman Boss, Rebecca O’Quinn join us, and if you don’t know who that is then….. get a life!

No but seriously, we had the pleasure of having Becky join us, and she picked out the topic! (CULTS!!!!!!) . And guys… full disclaimer, its pretty intense and probably not for the faint of heart, there is probably not as many laughs as usual but there’s some really interesting and tragic stories that need telling and, who better than your friendly neighbourhood drunk girls/tattoo artists? RIght?


but we have some really cool things on the go in the next couple months so be on the watch for that! and as usual, send us an email! rate us on Itunes, tell us how you really feel!

(also go check out Becky on instagram, @beckyoq and her shop @heirloomhalifax, She’s murdering the tattoo industry (and she also designed out logo and a ton of our tattoos <3 )

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902Brewcast Collaboration



We had the fucking wicked pleasure of being on 902 BrewCast’s September Tasting Episode and it was amazing.

We laughed so hard and had so much fun and if you like us, and want to hear us mostly unedited and pretty drunk then I check it out! (You think we’re funny now? You’ll REALLY think we’re funny after listening to this.

But also just check out 902 BrewCast’s podcast anyway because they’re really rad dudes and they’ve got a really neat podcast!

I’ve linked their website below but you can also check them out (mostly) anywhere you’d find a podcast.

Check out these fun pics!

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EP.23- A Degree in Drinking

Oh hey!

We had an amazing week this week, and so i’m doing two blog posts and it’s three in the morning so please excuse my rambling but I just have so much to share!

First of all, our episode this week was a topic suggested to us by the Lovely Airen. We did Haunted Universities!

I was too afraid to research whether or not my University was haunted so I actually just looked for a crazy haunted random one and found my way to the University of Northern Colorado. Maria took us to Scotland and lil’ Ellie Poo kept us local talking about STFX and Acadia University. We’ve got some amazing stories including but not limited to Ouiji Boards, Nuns, Janitors, and Stoner Ghosts.

Its a funny one guys, you’re going to love it!

Head over to the listen page to check it out!

(Rate us on itunes, follow our social media…. you know the drill)

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ep.22- Stick Em' Up! Give me all the Booze!

Happy Friday Homies!

Welcome to the land of the Unsolved, sometimes solved.

If you’re like us, the thought of robbing a bank and living happily ever after has probably crossed your mind a few times. Mostly on the dreary days, when it’s a pay day is a few days away and your hopes and dreams are shattered by your empty bank account and ever increasing credit card balance. Also like us, those thoughts probably dissipate once you realize your life would be way worse and you’d inevitably be caught before you even got the money in the bag.(if you were even convincing enough to get some poor bank teller to make a move toward money.)

If all of that seems relatively familiar, then boy, have we got an episode for you. You can happily live vicariously through the lives of some pretty interesting criminals this week without any risk of jail! That’s right, we’re talking about heists!

Usually we’re on the side of the victims, but this week we’ve fallen in love with some of our criminals, and we think you will too!

But also note that some of our criminals drew on masks with sharpie.

We’re taking you on a wild ride this week guys! Get excited! We are!

(Insert 20 salsa dancing lady emoji’s)

**** PSA*****

It’s the last two days of voting for the Coast’s Best of Halifax readers choice award.

if you’re reading this and you haven’t cast a vote, get on it!

-The Drunk GIrls

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EP.21- Things that get drunk in the night.

I see you've found your way back, it's so great to have you here!

We had a sick episode this week talking about Mooooooonsters! With so many really cool monster animals from the cryptozoology world, this is definitely a topic we'll touch on again.... and again. 

I'll be honest, sometimes i'm just living my best life, serving craft beers on the patio of the bar I work at, and I remember that dolphins exist, and I get freaked out about how frickin' weird the world is. Life is just a series of mini existential crisis'... I know it can't just be me. 

I kinda got off topic there but the point is, some really weird things exist, and some maybe don't exist, but real or not we're gonna talk about them today! (Some you've heard of, some maybe not)

*** Also i was drunk and called the werewolf in harry potter sirius black even though i know damn well it's lupin. my brain is constantly working against me, it's an unsolved mystery all it's own.

Check it out!

Thank you to The peanut gallery for sitting in to listen for the first part of recording, we loved having you!

Also Voting for the Coast's Best of Halifax Awards is STILL OPEN, that means if you haven't, you can vote for us at , we're under the news and media category! 

(Kraken, Werewolves and Nandi Bear) 

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ep.20 - may the power of booze compel you

Hello Lovelies,

Welcome to the blog.

it's probably clear by the episode name but if you're reading this at 4am, like i'm writing it at 4am and your brain is tired and you just don't know , well then the episode is about exorcisms. 

And golly gee it was an intense one. I think I say that about all our episodes but this one will throw you through the ringer. We get pretty serious about mental health then talk about the exorcist we even ask google for some answers to questions we should probably know. 

As promised, here's the link to Anneliese Michel's exorcism tapes.....

It kind of makes me want to break out the ouija board and see what's up with the demons in my life. (Just kidding, I'm too scared to actually click that link.......... bless ellen for taking that on.)

Also, I live for Maria's illustration this week..... she's on FIRE.

I love you guys. you're the shit.


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I'd like to apologize for not posting in a few weeks. That's my bad, life is crazy! Vacation was crazy, and getting back into the grind was...well, hard. 

But now we're back! We've recorded episode 20 and it's amazing and awesome and something for us all to look forward to... but going back a few weeks,

Episode 18 was all about voodoo! I'll be honest our stories gave me LEGITIMATE nightmares. So if you're into scary shit this episode is totally for you. I mean they're all for you, but this one, super spookyyyyy,

For Episode 19 we did something a little different, we had a guest bartender (Coady LeBlanc) come on and make us amazing cocktails for our pre-vacation episode. It was incredible, we learned a ton and got pretty friggin' drunk drinking his awesome cocktails. We spoke about mysterious fires and things got intense! 



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EP.17- Area Fifty-Drunk

Hey there.... Have I told you how lovely you are lately?

So anyway, we're back on the Aliens again homies, it's been awhile and I know you're excited and we were too. Oh..... so excited... and passionate. Loud and... destructive? (RIP wine glass, gone too soon.... you'll be missed). But how can you NOT be excited about Area 51?????

This episode is from a simpler time.... a time during a heat wave where a flight of cider from Chainyard and some nice cold Prosecco made us extra energetic and idyllic. Do we stay on topic? Somewhat, did we learn a lot?  Definitely some! 

But honestly the stories are gold this week.....

OH, and just so you know! 

We've be nominated for theCoast's  Best of Halifax 2018 Awards for Best Podcast!

you can vote at 


Check out the listen page homies!

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EP.16- The Boo's Hotel


We think we're so funny..... but that is a good pun I don't care who you are.

Hi, by the way! Hope that wherever you are you're enjoying the heat and if you're in Halifax and you're anywhere without air conditioning.... bless your little soul and good luck. 

This weeks episode is pretty gory and spooky, you're definitely going to enjoy it. You may never sleep in a hotel comfortably again but that sounds kinda like a you problem to me!

Head over to the listen page!

Enjoy the spooks guys!

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EP.15- I Want to Suck your Booze

Sup Homies!

Welcome to an extra lit episode of the Drunk Files! Part 2 of our 2 episode recording night does not disappoint! These are some hella cool stories about Vampires! We all took a different direction with our stories, theres some crime, some paranormal, and some folklore in this episode and honestly, it's one of my favourites. 

How can you not love your extra buzzed, friendly neighbourhood Drunk Girls? 

I'll warn you there is some hissing, and a variety of Transylvanian accents, also more gasps and excitement than any prior episode. 

Oh, and it's episode 15 guys, how crazy is that??? 

Remember, we always love hearing from you! Send us an email, rate us on iTunes, join our social media pages! Ellen's been killin' it with the memes. 

Go listen now!!!! 

Kisses, xx the drunk girls.

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Ep.14- "HEY! You forgot your guts!"

Sweet Baby Angels!

It's been a productive, successful, awesome week for your neighbourhood drunk girls. We had a great bonding weekend full of liquor, love, bars, good food and lakes. It was super cute and my heart is full...

SO many other great things have happened this week though! Some we'll be sharing later on but.... We finally made it onto spotify, and we're trying to get in the running for theCoast 'Best of Halifax' awards, knows we won't win but we're trying to spread the word! So if you're reading this..... Spread the word!

Annnnnnnnnyyyyway, this week we did 'found body parts' as a topic, it's pretty gross..... I'm gonna be honest guys, this episode is pretty chill compared to most and i'll tell ya why; We decided to record two episodes in a room back to back, in the same night. While we knew this was going to take place we actually contained ourselves extremely well throughout this episode.... I can't say the same thing about next weeks episode but you'll have to just tune in then  and find out all about that, eh?

Check out the episode under the listen page!

You're so wonderful! 

(If you think we are too, head over to and nominate us for best podcast!)


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Ep.13- Drinking in Nova Scotia

Happy (late) Canada day, eh!

What better way to celebrate than to record all Nova Scotian stories! 

We left the topic open to anything, just had to be within Nova Scotia, unsurprisingly we all came back with ghost stories.... Mostly cause Nova Scotia is haunted as fuck, but also because we're obsessed with the paranormal.

You'll hear some spooky stories from Halifax to Cape Breton , and also some wicked fun facts that Ellen brought to the table about our tiny little province.

Head over to the Listen Page for this weeks episode!

Oh, and if you think we're as cool and funny as we do.... follow this link  to nominate us as for the Coast's Best of Halifax awards ! 

Thanks homies, we love you !

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Ep.12- The Probable, Possible, Plausible Nessie

Guys ! 

This week we were talking about Nessie and honestly this episode will give you a ton of explanations and make you question everything you thought you knew.... but that's good right!

We definitely believe in Nessie.... Maybe.... We're still not sure.... We're going to go listen again....

Also bask in the loveliness that is Seamus the Sea Monster..... I mean from a distance he might fool a toddler, eh? I'll ask my nephew in a year. I bet I can freak him out. 

Love you all! 

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Ep.11- Drunkin' Ghost Ships

hehe... so... the blogs a little late this week.... 

we're only human! what can we say! 

EEEEEEEnnnneway this week we did ghost ships!!! shiver me timbers and a bottle of rum!

All our stories are Canadian to make up for last week, so bask in our pirate-ee ghost stories and our not so pirate-ee ghost stories.

hey just so you guys know, if we were on a ship together, and it sank and there was only one door, and I could share my door with you... i wouldn't pull a Rose, i'd share with you.... or we could take turns.. because you're special and supportive.

Oh and by the way... stickers are going to be available soon....... 

Check out our listen page! 

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Ep.10- Twin Drunk Girls

Sweet baby angels! It's so nice to see you back! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT, it's episode 10!!

10 guys......

This week we're seeing double in the double digits! The topic this week was double trouble twins!

We've got ridiculous criminals, super creeps and a few short stories to keep you on your toes this week. 

So if you've ever wondered if a it's a pair of twin or a pair of twins, head over to the listen page and find out! (Just kidding, we never came to a conclusion there)

See you next week guys! 

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Ep.09- Drunk Girls in Crop Circles

Hey Guys! 

We got back in the swing of hilarity this week with the light-hearted topic of crop circles.

Now we know you may not all believe in little green men... but we totally do! We're always skeptical and sassy about the debunking that happens as we research certain stories. 

How. fricken. ever. This week we had debunking of the naysayers and i'm absolutely living for it.

This blog doesn't make sense? Well neither do crop circles! If you want to make some sense of it then head on over to the listen page for some Led Zeppelin..... I mean....  head over to the listen page to hear some wild Crop stories told by your favourite girls! 

Love you!

- The drunk girls

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Ep.08- Serial Drunk Girls

Hello there all you twisted listeners, it's Friday! and this week is brought to you by... Serial Killers!  (Insert Cringe here).

This topic is heavy and we wouldn't recommend listening before bed, unless you like nightmares about axe murders, cause oh... did we go there. Even though this episode is more serious than we usually are we slid in some jokes where (mostly) appropriate. And hey at least its not missing children, right? ....(oh wait.... we went there too.) We like to press the boundaries and mix it up every week so we can't wait to hear your feedback !

Head on over to the listen page ! We'll See you there!

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Ep.07- Cauldron of Drunk Girls

We're back for lucky number 7! 

We had such a good time this week on our spooky bad ass witches topic. Two batches of sangria and a mini photo shoot and I still think this is one of our best episodes yet. We managed to stay on topic, but went on quite a few tangents so we hope you like cackling! (Cause theres a ton)

Most times we take you on a world tour but this time we take you on a tour of four centuries. (And also a tour of emotions cause... Ellen.) 

Head over and listen on the listen page and if you like what you hear.... rate us on iTunes! leave us a comment! 

We love you!

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MINISODE- Ghost stories Part 1


Check it out!

Some after hours ghost stories from our own personal experiences. We recorded this after a regular episode so its a little lit but we think we did a pretty good job.

Love you all :)

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Ep.05- Impossibly Constructed Drunk Girls

It's week five! A whole month of Podcasting! Just for you we're releasing a two-part episode (its definitely not because we did last minute research and had a shorter than normal episode). 

We went for the topic of unexplained human-made structures this week... not that it will be at all surprising but we still managed to make it more about aliens and human sacrifice. We've got Pyramid Conspiracies and a Bayer's Lake quickie, Easter Island and of course, Ellen's German story. 

Check out our listen page for this weeks episode! and if you like what you hear, rate and subscribe on Apple Podcasts / Google Play

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