Hello angels,

It’s me, Jaimee.

If you’ve been checking to see what’s up with our blog the past few months you’ve noticed that we’ve (really just me.) been MIA, with no updates or corresponding pictures, etc.

Let me first just say, I’m sorry. I made an obligation to keep up to date with it and eventually I got so far behind the mere thought of updating gave me anxiety and I continued to push it aside. There are no real excuses, but honestly life has been crazy. Working full-time, doing the podcast and going to school full-time, while maintaining a social life and, as an introvert, me time, it’s just very busy. BUT, i’m here and committed for the new year.

As we mentioned in our last episode of 2018, we’ll be going bi-weekly in the New Year. This will help us have better episodes as we’ll have longer to research to prepare better our stories, it’ll also allow us to get more lit when we do record and it’ll allow me more time to focus on making the blog the raddest corner of the internet I can, with the wildest pics and the cutest notes.

Your drunk girls are the type of girls who keep busy schedules and get shit done, we’re not perfect though and the resolution for the new year is better time management.

Hold me to it!


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