ep.03- abominable drunk girls

HI GUYS, WE LOVE YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT, LOVELY HUMAN ANGEL BABES, and we've really  enjoyed hearing from you! keep the feedback coming!

This podcast has truly made Mondays something we look forward to and.... Who looks forward to Mondays?

The theme this week was Sasquatch, Big Foot and Yeti. Since day one of deciding to do this podcast we were all so excited to do this topic and man, did we get on the rum and cokes and laugh our butts off.

There are a ton of theories discussed in this episode and a little bit of debunking (Thanks Ellen, you keep us grounded.) You may walk away believer, you may walk away a skeptic or we don't know..... all we know is that we walked away very drunk & happy.

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see you next week!

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(more accurate) Big FOOT NOISES: