Ep.14- "HEY! You forgot your guts!"

Sweet Baby Angels!

It's been a productive, successful, awesome week for your neighbourhood drunk girls. We had a great bonding weekend full of liquor, love, bars, good food and lakes. It was super cute and my heart is full...

SO many other great things have happened this week though! Some we'll be sharing later on but.... We finally made it onto spotify, and we're trying to get in the running for theCoast 'Best of Halifax' awards, knows we won't win but we're trying to spread the word! So if you're reading this..... Spread the word!

Annnnnnnnnyyyyway, this week we did 'found body parts' as a topic, it's pretty gross..... I'm gonna be honest guys, this episode is pretty chill compared to most and i'll tell ya why; We decided to record two episodes in a room back to back, in the same night. While we knew this was going to take place we actually contained ourselves extremely well throughout this episode.... I can't say the same thing about next weeks episode but you'll have to just tune in then  and find out all about that, eh?

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You're so wonderful! 

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