EP.17- Area Fifty-Drunk

Hey there.... Have I told you how lovely you are lately?

So anyway, we're back on the Aliens again homies, it's been awhile and I know you're excited and we were too. Oh..... so excited... and passionate. Loud and... destructive? (RIP wine glass, gone too soon.... you'll be missed). But how can you NOT be excited about Area 51?????

This episode is from a simpler time.... a time during a heat wave where a flight of cider from Chainyard and some nice cold Prosecco made us extra energetic and idyllic. Do we stay on topic? Somewhat, did we learn a lot?  Definitely some! 

But honestly the stories are gold this week.....

OH, and just so you know! 

We've be nominated for theCoast's  Best of Halifax 2018 Awards for Best Podcast!

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