ep.20 - may the power of booze compel you

Hello Lovelies,

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it's probably clear by the episode name but if you're reading this at 4am, like i'm writing it at 4am and your brain is tired and you just don't know , well then the episode is about exorcisms. 

And golly gee it was an intense one. I think I say that about all our episodes but this one will throw you through the ringer. We get pretty serious about mental health then talk about the exorcist we even ask google for some answers to questions we should probably know. 

As promised, here's the link to Anneliese Michel's exorcism tapes.....

It kind of makes me want to break out the ouija board and see what's up with the demons in my life. (Just kidding, I'm too scared to actually click that link.......... bless ellen for taking that on.)

Also, I live for Maria's illustration this week..... she's on FIRE.

I love you guys. you're the shit.

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