ep.22- Stick Em' Up! Give me all the Booze!

Happy Friday Homies!

Welcome to the land of the Unsolved, sometimes solved.

If you’re like us, the thought of robbing a bank and living happily ever after has probably crossed your mind a few times. Mostly on the dreary days, when it’s a pay day is a few days away and your hopes and dreams are shattered by your empty bank account and ever increasing credit card balance. Also like us, those thoughts probably dissipate once you realize your life would be way worse and you’d inevitably be caught before you even got the money in the bag.(if you were even convincing enough to get some poor bank teller to make a move toward money.)

If all of that seems relatively familiar, then boy, have we got an episode for you. You can happily live vicariously through the lives of some pretty interesting criminals this week without any risk of jail! That’s right, we’re talking about heists!

Usually we’re on the side of the victims, but this week we’ve fallen in love with some of our criminals, and we think you will too!

But also note that some of our criminals drew on masks with sharpie.

We’re taking you on a wild ride this week guys! Get excited! We are!

(Insert 20 salsa dancing lady emoji’s)

**** PSA*****

It’s the last two days of voting for the Coast’s Best of Halifax readers choice award.

if you’re reading this and you haven’t cast a vote, get on it!

-The Drunk GIrls

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