EP.23- A Degree in Drinking

Oh hey!

We had an amazing week this week, and so i’m doing two blog posts and it’s three in the morning so please excuse my rambling but I just have so much to share!

First of all, our episode this week was a topic suggested to us by the Lovely Airen. We did Haunted Universities!

I was too afraid to research whether or not my University was haunted so I actually just looked for a crazy haunted random one and found my way to the University of Northern Colorado. Maria took us to Scotland and lil’ Ellie Poo kept us local talking about STFX and Acadia University. We’ve got some amazing stories including but not limited to Ouiji Boards, Nuns, Janitors, and Stoner Ghosts.

Its a funny one guys, you’re going to love it!

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