EP.21- Things that get drunk in the night.

I see you've found your way back, it's so great to have you here!

We had a sick episode this week talking about Mooooooonsters! With so many really cool monster animals from the cryptozoology world, this is definitely a topic we'll touch on again.... and again. 

I'll be honest, sometimes i'm just living my best life, serving craft beers on the patio of the bar I work at, and I remember that dolphins exist, and I get freaked out about how frickin' weird the world is. Life is just a series of mini existential crisis'... I know it can't just be me. 

I kinda got off topic there but the point is, some really weird things exist, and some maybe don't exist, but real or not we're gonna talk about them today! (Some you've heard of, some maybe not)

*** Also i was drunk and called the werewolf in harry potter sirius black even though i know damn well it's lupin. my brain is constantly working against me, it's an unsolved mystery all it's own.

Check it out!

Thank you to The peanut gallery for sitting in to listen for the first part of recording, we loved having you!

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(Kraken, Werewolves and Nandi Bear) 

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