s02 e02- Dying for a Folk-Tail

Hello my pretties,

I just wrote this entire post then accidentally deleted it… that seems to be a recurring theme in my life lately.

Am I on a loop? Is this real life?

Anyway, back to the blog, this isn’t my diary….. Welcome back to season 2, on this week’s episode we’re talking about Folklore that inspired Murders! Which is HELLA creepy, we know, but with this new season we’re revamping our dark ways and although we did choose a murder-y topic we kept it mostly to the folklore and background of our chosen topics, there’s a ton of interesting content this week.

And with all grand topics (we admit, some are definitely better than others) this really took all of us down very different rabbit holes. Which I LOVE because it really gives a good variety to our episode, for example; Maria had hometown glory this week with the mummers, I delve into an old nightmare and an internet phenomena (Slenderman) and Ellen explored both creepy clowns and went off-the-grid, on-the-grid with a story involving wendigos.

You’re going to love this one, I promise!

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