s02 e03- Black hole drunk

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Ever feel like you don’t belong? You look at rockets blasting off and think, “That should be me….” . You see pictures of outer space and imagine yourself as Sandra Bullock in Gravity but you’re just totally fine to be there forever, in peace?

Well, you’re in luck because this week is all about space. Another broad topic for the drunk girls, who were extra slurry this week (oops, i’ve been dieting, the vodka hit me hard).

You know a broad topic gets me as excited as an Italian Pinot Grigio on a (insert any weather) kind of day, and of course this episode hits all. the. stops. To infinity and beyond! (is that podsafe?)…… or at least to the moon.

If you get lost in watching the cosmos then don’t worry! We know way less (about space) than Neil deGrasse Tyson…. Although most drunk girls can be hard to follow, with us, you’re sure to laugh, cry and call your mudder and ask her for all life’s answers.

I feel like this has been weird….

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