S02 E01- Drunk and rowdy spirits

Happy of the 2019!

We made it, and New year, new us is a freakin’ understatement baby! We’ve rebranded, now, a spooky podcast (mostly because of my (Jaimee) inability to find and present unsolved stories each week. If you think about it though, we’re opening ourselves up to SO MUCH MORE. Don’t worry, we’ll still be brining you all thinks conspiracy, paranormal and true crime. As we’ve mentioned earlier we’re also going bi-weekly, just to reiterate for those who may not have heard, this will help to bring us more focus, achieve a weekly blog post and also to bring you stories of higher quality. As much as we’re obsessed with each other, this is a for fun podcast, and we all have so many other things on the go. Life is about balance, and sometimes it takes awhile to figure things out, that’s just what we’ve done here with season two.

To start out a new, exciting season with a bang, we decided on a super spooky and also factually interesting topic; POLTERGEiST’S !!!! Let’s make one thing clear, we will never say for sure something is real or isn’t, but there’s some pretty damn crazy evidence in this episode arguing both sides, and honestly a mix in between.

So check it out on the listen page! And lovelies, it’s great to be back, we’ve missed you.

<3 the drunk girls

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