s02 e04- Time Travelling Lizards on Acid

Guess who’s back, back again…. the drunk girls are back….. tell a friend….

Sorry, had Eminem stuck in my head all friggin’ day.

It’s the blog! i’m a few days late, I apologize, coupla’ midterms bringing me down on productivity in all other area’s of my life but here I am!

We had a fucking fantastic episode guys, I’d put it in my top five for sure, but of course we covered another broad topic; Conspiracy Theories. The best part was that by then end we had made up our own! I don’t know if that surprises any of you, but we weren’t surprised.

Our newest theory is that Project Pegasus is just children (Including Obama) who were unknown participants of MK-Ultra and that is was all set up by Mark Zuckerburg, who is a lizard person. Want to know how we came up with that? Head over and take a listen!

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