Ep. 22 Stick Em' Up! Give Me All Your Booze!

Ever dream about robbing a bank, but you just don't have it in you? The drunk girls are telling stories of heists this week (and not just in banks). It's the perfect episode to live vicariously through the successful criminals and laugh at the unsuccessful ones. Oh, and it'll soften your cold black hearts a little too (how? You'll see!)

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Ep.21 Things That get Drunk in the Night

Are you afraid of the unknown? Do you believe in Big Foot and Nessie and think to yourself, what other unknown creatures exist? This week the Drunk Girls are going to tell you about some of those other unknown creatures, cause we talkin' about MoNstErs.

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ep. 19 If you can't stand the heat.. Grab a drink

SPECIAL GUEST ALERT! This week the Drunk Girls invite the super skilled and talented bartender, Coady LeBlanc to make them delicious cocktails while they sit back and talk about Mysterious Fires. The girls all go in different directions for their stories, this is definitely not a week you want to miss!

*There will be no episode next week, we’re all away enjoying vacation!*

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Ep. 17 Area Fifty-Drunk

We’re finally back with another Alien episode! We’re covering Area 51 this week and we got so friggin’ excited/drunk we couldn’t stop interrupting each other! Which is absolutely not surprising at all. Now, we’re all about conspiracies and as per usual, we’re going to leave you to decide whether these stories are fact or fiction. We bet you won’t make it through this episode without at least a few gasps of disbelief.

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Ep. 16 The Boo's Hotel

We're here for you this week with your paranormal fix... Haunted hotels is the topic of discussion, and while one of us was quite under the weather that didn't stop us from bringing you some truly freaky stories. Get ready to be grossed out and spooked and entertained, if you really want to terrify yourself, listen while staying in a hotel.

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ep. 15 I Want To Suck Your Booze

The episode we know you've been waiting for. The second episode recorded in one very drunk night. This week the girls tell insane stories about vampires! The stories range from paranormal, to true crime to folklore! A little bit of everything for episode 15! and as always, lots of laughing and terrible accents.

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Ep. 14 HEY! you forgot your guts!

In 1/2 episodes recorded in one night, the drunk girls discuss "found body parts". An episode not for the faint of heart, you can expect to hear about some gruesome discoveries of human remains from all over the globe. 

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ep. 13 Drinking in Nova Scotia

The Drunk Girls celebrate Canadas 151st birthday day by recording an episode all about Nova Scotia.

Although the topic seems broad all three stories are ghostly and spooky!

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Ep. 12 The probable, possible,plausible nessie

This week the girls take their stories to Scotland to visit good ol' Nessie. We've got a bunch of different theories and takes on all things surrounding her (possible) existence. We talk about whether or not its (probable) she really is in the Loch, and whether or not its (plausible) she ever really existed at all.

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Ep. 11- Drunken Ghost Ships

The drunk girls hit the high seas this week talking about ghost ships in a plethora of different accents, but mainly east coast. They channel their inner mexicans and shoot tequila and take an hour break to binge on queso

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Ep.10- Twin Drunk Girls

The drunk girls really stretch for "unsolved" this week with the broad topic of Twins. The stories range from criminal twins, to creepy twins to some very curious events that involve twins, along with some twin fun facts!  

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Ep. 09 - Drunk Girls In Crop Circles

This week the girls uncontrollably giggle while talking about some serious crop circles. They had a ton of fun this week with the expected amount of tangents and singing but brought some really interesting and entertaining theories of how their crop circles got there and who's been visiting from outer space.

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Ep. 08 - Serial Drunk Girls

There is so much uncomfortable laughter this week. The drunk girls stress about getting their homes broken into while the talk about serial killers who have never been caught!

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Ep. 07 - Cauldron of Drunk Girls

This week the drunk girls channel their inner witches while drinking a cauldron full of home brew based sangria. 

They talk about badass witches and can't help but continuously cackle while mostly staying on topic.

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Ep.06 - Minisode - Ghostly Times

Since our structures episode was so short we decided to release a minisode we recorded in April.

Ghostly Times is part of some bonus content you can access by donating to the drunk files monthly 


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Ep.05 - Impossibly Constructed Drunk Girls

Do you know who built the Pyramids? Easter Island Heads? No? We don't either, but we're speculating madly and pointing fingers in some pretty specific directions. *cough* aliens *cough*

This episode is Short but sweet. Don't worry this is part 1/2 this week. Part 2  will be sneak peak of "Ghostly Times" an extra drunk minisode where we tell ghost stories. You can access monthly episodes of Ghostly Times by donating to our patreon page

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EP.04 - Drunk Girls In Glass Cases

Time to get spooky and talk haunted dolls! A rare episode to listen to because the girls stay on topic more than usual. The drunk girls may have nightmares about dolls for weeks to come after recording this one! 

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Ep. 03 - Abominable Drunk Girls

It's Episode 3! The girls get almost as drunk as in Episode 1 and talk Big Foot, Sasquatch and Yeti. You can look forward to hearing some imitations of what they think a big foot would sound like. It's so lit that Ellen gets her dates mixed up. (second story takes place in 1959 for those who are wondering)